Monday, June 27, 2011

I Felt Beautiful

I felt beautiful this night. 
Outwardly, yes. But most of all, inwardly
I could feel the changes that have been 
taking place somewhere deep in my soul.
They were rising to the surface this night. 
I felt confident and free spirited. 
Something about a whimsical, beautiful wedding
of a breathtaking bride- pure in
every sense of the word- that makes
you smile, soul to face.
She (the bride) truly was, is, breathtaking.
I will never forget her or her handsome 
groom that night... but more than that,
 I will never forget the "me"coming out.
 Broc smiled at me as 
we were dancing under the stars
and gorgeous mason jar lights...
 and in his eyes I could read what I was feeling...
the depression was gone that night, 
and the free spirited, lover of life he
married was back... and we were
truly enjoying life
We danced, took pictures, laughed, 
drank some scrumptious champagne,
(well, I did..."pastor Broc" didnt :))
and mingled with friends of a lifetime.
It was a night to remember
I can still picture it in my heart. 
And I will go back to that night
anytime I wanna give up. 
I felt beautiful, I am beautiful.
This is the journey I am traveling.

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  1. I love you and I love your new blog! There a few people who keep it real, and that is exactly what you are doing. It is so refreshing, and I am so thanful that the Lord is setting you FREE! :-)