Saturday, August 6, 2011

Legacy Of A Godly Grandma

Every wrinkle tells a story... Of love won and lost, joy alive and dead, laughter and tears. Those eyes, so full of words unsaid. Mouth so curvy with love expressed through kisses and 'I love yous'. My throat feels choked with tears when I look at your hands and realize those are the same hands that held me the day I was born, that held mine walking after dinner down a dirt road as a little girl, that carressed my face and wiped the tears the day I said I do. And now, those same hands run cars down my hallway with blonde skinny boy who holds my delight. The laughter is the music I move to in my kitchen tonight. The shrills and squeals of a boy so in love with the woman who held my world as a little girl. I never could wait to get to where you were... I found myself in that same anticipation as you were driving to where I live this week. I couldn't wait to be where you were.

I realized laying in bed tonight... You are the only person in my life I have never been angry towards. Grandparents should be the place you go when you're mad at your parents. :) I'm thankful everyday that Izaiah has that because you passed it down to my parents. He can't wait to get to where they are. They are his gift in life, as you are mine. I cherish you. I want to have a photographic memory when it comes to you. I want to remember everything there is to know and see of you. You are and always have been the essence of beauty. Thank you for leaving a legacy that Izaiahs Nonnie is stepping into and doing it well. We are a blessed family. I love you.


  1. Mandy this is beautiful!! I love Grandma!

  2. I just saw your comment..thank you Jorgie Porgie. I love her too. We are truly blessed.